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Environmental and Waste Management

Horizon Energy is committed to assisting organizations meet their environmental management objectives and targets.  Through an integrated approach, Horizon Energy provides services to clients in policy and strategy, environmental management systems according to ISO 14001 (EMS), Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA's), Environmental auditing, training, and specialized areas of expertise.

Greening Policy

Horizon Energy is committed to a 'triple bottom line' measurement of success, i.e. assessing economic, environment and social performance.  This also aligns with EPA's Energy Star programme which is predicated on optimising energy performance as the primary means of lessoning environmental impact and enhancing asset value. The energy consumed by a building over its 40 -50 year life exponentially exceeds the energy and fossil fuels consumed for the buildings materials and development. Combine this with research showing that energy is the single largest and most controllable operating cost in an office building (representing 30% of a buildings total cost), and the importance of optimising energy performance becomes indisputable.

In this regard Horizon Energy provides an Environmental Impact reduction that helps an organisation to follow Health and Safety guidelines in the office. Our mission is to be a key catalyst in cementing a "GREEN" mindset within businesses and the public across Southern Africa. Hence our solutions and products are environmentally friendly and encourage a "GREENER" environment through a decrease in carbon footprint.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Horizon Energy product offering includes:

Environmental Technology

Offers services in the recognition, evaluation and control of all environmental aspects, including: