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Lighting and Energy

Efficiency Programmes

Occupancy Sensors

Horizon Energy implements an Electro Sense Proactive Energy Management System™ that is based on cutting-edge sensor, light and electrical engineering. Occupancy Sensors detect occupancy in an area and switches on the lights, when there is no occupancy in the area the lights are automatically switch off.

This sensor technology utilises the fact that the human body radiates heat. Just as light, this heat is part of the spectrum of electromagnetic waves and is known as infrared radiation.

Lighting Ballast Retro-fitting

All Fluorescent lighting is controlled by what is called a "Ballast" to ignite the gas inside the tubes. Conventional Fluorescent lighting is fitted with Magnetic Ballasts (Old Technology) which require a large amount of energy to operate this ballast. Electronic Ballasts (New Technology) requires far less energy to operate. These Ballasts are around 30% more efficient than the old Magnetic Type Ballasts.

As part of our lighting solution, these inefficient Magnetic Ballasts are retrofitted with new technology Electronic Ballasts. Various leaders such as Phillips, Osram and BAG in the field of electronic ballast technology are used as suppliers. Each facility will be individually audited, and the best electronic ballast will be specified for the application.

Inefficient Globe Retro-fitting

With the advent of CFL (compact fluorescent light or energy saving light) we are able to replace standard inefficient incandescent lamps with CFL's which greatly reduce energy costs. With the technology now available, we are able to retro-fit existing Low-bay, high-bay and flood light fittings that are generally fitted with high wattage Mercury Vapour, Metal Halide and Halogen globes, to energy efficient CFL globes. These halve the energy consumption, but yet produce the required lumens needed.

As part of our lighting solution, incandescent and high wattage globes are retro-fitted to energy efficient CFL globes. Horizon Energy has partnered with a leading manufacturer from Germany and Hong Kong and is their distributor and installer of energy efficient CFL Globes. Each facility will be individually audited, and the most efficient CFL will be specified for the application.

Retro-fitting Old T12 &T8 Fluorescent Globes

Old technology T12 and T8 fluorescent globes found in most fluorescent light fittings are 40% more inefficient than the new technology T5 fluorescent globes. Horizon Energy supplies and installs a retrofit solution to existing fluorescent light fittings, that converts the T12 and T8 fluorescent globes to new technology T5 fluorescent globes.

No rewiring or new light fittings are required and there is no flickering from the globe as it starts up. This new T5 technology offers 30% more brightness watt for watt, than the old T8 or T12 technology. These T5 globes are longer lasting and have 80% less mercury than T8 and T12 globes. This retrofit carries SABS/IEC certification and approval.

This solution is an alternative to the electronic ballast retrofit solution. A savings of up to 70% could be realized with the new technology T5 retro-fit solution installed.

LED Lighting Solution

The lighting efficiency of the new high power LED light bulbs is nearly eight times that of incandescent lights, and twice as high as compact fluorescent lights.  LED bulbs also emit a much higher percentage of light in the desired direction. This makes them even more efficient compared to either incandescent or fluorescent for task lighting, desk lamps, reading lights, spotlights, flood lights, and track lighting.

LED light bulbs also generate very little unwanted heat. The energy savings may be doubled in air-conditioned environments where each watt of incandescent lighting can add another watt or more to the power needed for air conditioning.Horizon Energy supplies and installs the full spectrum of LED lighting for every conceivable application tailor made to specific requirements.  The LED's carry a 3 year swop out guarantee in the event of defect