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Horizon Energy is a 100% Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)Company formed in 1999, which operates as an environmental,energy and engineering consulting company focusing on the power and related businesses in South Africa.


We are one of a few black economic empowerment companies, which operate as an investment, environmental, energy / renewable energy and engineering consulting company in South Africa.   

The current focus of the company is in the area of Renewable energy, Distributed and Grid energy technologies and alternative energy expertise.

Horizon Energy was created due to a concern over the increasing threat of climate change and high electricity prices. The focus is towards renewable energy sources and cleaner fuels, as well as using the existing resources more efficiently.

Each Energy Efficiency Solution is custom-built based on the special requirements of that specific client. With a number of products, covering every sector of our customers' energy needs, our solutions are geared to obtain an optimised energy saving, which in turn reduces their carbon footprint and raises their social responsibilities. The savings in utility bills is also substantial and significant given the international economic down turn experienced in recent years.

Horizon Energy offers consulting services and has a strong product research division, which is constantly striving to find the most innovative and cost efficient energy saving devices and systems. In their quest for perfection, Horizon Energy employs scientifically proven methods which utilize real time customer statistics, to establish a benchmark (ROI)   return of investments for their clients. No "guess work" is employed.

Horizon Energy further partners with award winning industry specialists in energy efficiency products and solutions and the company comprises a team of highly experienced consultants with diverse backgrounds in renewable energy, engineering, environmental science, and finance. Our network of independent solar companies encompasses proficient, prominent and competitive solar companies with sufficient resources and experience to meet any large-scale commercial solar energy installation.




To be the preferred provider of comprehensive Energy Efficient Solutions in Southern Africa.

To be a key catalyst in cementing a "GREEN" mindset within businesses across Southern Africa.


The business expertise of Horizon Energy which includes the fields of electrical engineering, civil engineering, property management, telecoms, IT, project management, consulting services, general business management and strategic planning as well as execution, provides our clients with a broad range of skills and capabilities.

We offer our clients the following benefits: